Excerpts from

The Understanding Series
Volume 2

by Lillian DeWaters

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Book Description
In this very rare two book series of 40 lessons (20 in each book), the author clearly sets forth and illustrates the way of shortening the process of one's awakening from mortality to Immortality. Rising by the way of inspiration and absolute Truth transcends the tedious and toilsome thought-taking method and assures a conscious contact with the Presence of God - which places one in a state and condition of Harmonious Existence. This is volume two in a series of two books by Lillian De Waters designed to give the reader a full understanding of the science of The Absolute.


Lesson 21 - THE RIGHT WAY.....................5
Lesson 22 - CELESTIAL HEIGHTS.................9
Lesson 23 - FREEDOM IN SPIRIT................15
Lesson 24 - THE BODY OF SPIRIT...............21
Lesson 25 - AS IT IS.........................25
Lesson 26 - THE CHRIST LIGHT.................31
Lesson 27 - THE EVERLASTING GOSPEL...........37
Lesson 28 - FROM THE UNREAL TO THE REAL......41
Lesson 29 - THE REAL WORLD...................47
Lesson 30 - SPIRITUAL ACTIVITY...............53
Lesson 31 - PERFECTION ONLY..................57
Lesson 32 - PURE REALITY.....................61
Lesson 37 - I AM THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD......92
Lesson 38 - BAPTISM OF THE HOLY GHOST........96
Bonus Chapter 1 - THE NEW LIGHT OF TODAY....102
Bonus Chapter 2 - THE NARROW WAY............111

Lesson 21


The story of the fishing trip, as related in the Bible, is very illuminating when spiritually understood. We find Jesus telling his disciples to "Launch out into the deep" (Luke 5:4), meaning that we are to come unto the infinite. It is significant to hear their first words to Jesus, "We have toiled all the night and have taken nothing." How many of us, too, have had such a trying and bewildering experience, perhaps toiling both night and day with words and thoughts, with books and teachings, yet getting nothing, nor knowing why. We read in John 21, 5th and 6th verses that Jesus said unto them, "Cast the net on the right side of the ship, and ye shall find… and now they were not able to draw it for the multitude of fishes." Reader, can you tell just what would be the "right side of the ship," that you may cast here also?

When they followed Jesus’ command, lo, everything was there that they sought, and in overwhelming abundance. Taken literally this account has no value to it at all, for the right side surely could not have been just the other side of the ship! It has but one meaning – the right side is the right way! By looking into the infinite we shall see ourself as we are, and identifying with this Substance, Spirit, we are scarcely able to contain the wonder and glory of its infinite and all-satisfying realities. What a difference it makes if one toils with the various mental practices, struggles with conflicting thought and effort, or if he deals confidently and exclusively with pure Spirit? Everything he needs is now at his command, since he himself is this Spirit, Self-existent, Self-contained and Self-sustaining. He knows each of us to be complete in ourself, each entitled to all, and all at our command, for infinite Spirit is one indivisible Substance. Since we are in and of the Infinite, we are and have all that the Infinite includes. This Divine Light and Understanding is "the right side," this, alone, the right way.

Only as Spirit, can we claim the right to all things and be secure, our body safe from danger. Think, if it were possible to add materiality to the alphabet, how fatal would be the result. Every letter would then be subject to accident, loss, decay, and extinction. Think also how terrible it would be if Spirit could ever be materialized! Immediately it would be subject to dissolution and annihilation. Truly, matter cannot be added to Spirit, nor weight and size to its spiritual ideas. Absolutely, we are Spirit now, and ever shall be, and this living Reality awaits the experience of us all. On the other hand, one’s body as matter is never more or less than a corpse at any time. Believing one’s form of Life to be material or human subjects him to the darkness of false supposition, and in this sleep he dreams of phantoms and fantasies.

Neither fire nor water can reach the letters composing the alphabet, nor sword or pain. In exactly the same way, we can regard our body and its every part, that is, to be purely mental, in and of Spirit, absolutely safe and secure from all accidents, disease, and death. Therefore, instead of attempting to heal thoughts, bodies, or diseases, give your attention wholly to the understanding that I Am Spirit, inclusive of my body, my universe, and my existence in full. This is indeed the body not made with hands, eternal in Spirit. As the veil lifts, the glorious vision is this, Spirit is all and All is Spirit!

Spirit is the Substance with which we think, Spirit is the Substance which we see. Nor need we affirm any truth when once we see this clearly and understandingly; nor deny anything which we know has no existence anywhere, or at all. Why should one continue to struggle in darkness, with inconsistencies and confusions, when the joy and glory of knowing that we are Spirit awaits us all? How simple and easy to accept immeasurable and immaculate Spirit to be all of us, and we to be wholly this. When we are lighted with the Light of our own Being, we know we are Self-existent and Self-contained. Beauty, music, song, color, rhythm, and harmony are all characteristics of Spirit, and so are spiritually mental and eternal, thus ever at hand, ever our very own. There is no space where Spirit is not, since Spirit is infinite and has no opposite. Spirit is not fifty percent Spirit, and the rest of it some other substance, nor is Spirit ninety-nine percent Spirit; but Spirit is the infinite All-in-all, besides which there is no one or any thing else. At every point of Being, Spirit is the same, ever free, flawless, and absolute. Only here on this right side, in this true and perfect understanding, can we find that which shall satisfy us, enrich, and glorify us everlastingly.

"Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty." No effort is needed. All that is required is Spiritual Revelation and Illumination, which comes through spiritual readiness, and a fasting from intellectualism, personalities, and wrong teaching. Consecrating ourself to Spirit, and to spiritual realities, we shall be obeying the words of Christ, "Launch out into the deep! Cast the net on the right side!" Then, through love of the Perfect, for the Perfect, and by the Perfect, we shall know and experience Spirit to be Omniscience, Omnipresence, and Omnipotence, verily, the One, the All and the Only. Here we see nothing to change or to be changed; to heal or to be healed.

My Peace I give unto you, My Peace which is of Spirit. Where I am, there you may be also. Those who accept Me as I Am have life everlasting, and none is able to pluck them out of my Father’s hand, out of the Realm of Spirit. Dear friends, we are destined and predestined to know the Truth of our own Being, and to know it in the right way. Not for one instant have we ever really been other than I Am, each is ever perfect and complete in himself, and in every way; and this is the Reality which is ours to experience in the Here and Now, since we ourself are the Infinite One, Spirit, The Living God.

Lesson No. 22


Spirit is the Substance of all living things, Spirit is Life itself. It is Spirit which is Divine Mind and thinking, Spirit which is Divine Love and loving, Spirit which composes, comprises, and includes all real life and existence.

When life is found to be Spirit, thus seen to be incorruptible and everlasting, it becomes this to us. When love is found to be Spirit, to be ever pure and unchangeable, it becomes this to us. When Mind and thinking are found to be in and of Spirit, they become our only mind and thinking, and we are kept in constant and uninterrupted happiness, harmony, and peace.

Today a great deal of thought and time are given in advancing the idea that the Divine and the human are to be united or unified, and that the ever Perfect and the ever imperfect are to merge into one, the Divine so brought into a human existence that they will coalesce. Nothing could be further from the Truth! Strenuous and active today the effort to mix or combine Spiritual realities with material beliefs, instead of attending to the Christ words: repent, turn away, be still. So persistent the effort to combine the Spiritual with the material, the idea is even advanced that the human is but another name for the Divine.

Most apropos, these summing up words of Jesus, "If the light that is in thee be darkness, how great is that darkness!" If incorrect teaching regarding one’s identity, life, body, and existence be accepted as the genuine and true fact of Being, how pitiful and deplorable the results! If the Truth of one’s identity has not yet been revealed to him from the Father within, or Spirit Itself, of course he is not capable of right judgment relative to existence. He does not understand that the Perfect, the Complete, and Absolute is one-all, Self-existent and ever at hand, and any supposition other than this is false, and never to be accepted. The word human pertains to a kind of being and existence which is other than the one Creator and one creation; it concerns itself with the impure, imperfect, and incomplete, with darkness, sleep, dream, and unreality. The parable of the Prodigal son presents this situation perfectly, and gives its answer and solution. It can be seen that he did not succeed in bringing the things of the Father’s house into the far country, there to live in peace and harmony, but that finally he was compelled to take leave of it entirely, in order to have and experience the things of the Kingdom.

Not human betterment, human development, nor human advancement are required, as it seems, that the millennium appear in our midst, but quite to the reverse, for the great necessity is a spiritual awakening, that one may enter into the Kingdom of Spirit which has been prepared and established since the foundation of the world. The notion to bring the Pure into the impure, the Spiritual into the material, may at first appear to one as a ladder leading him to better conditions and things; but should he remain here it will prove a veritable ditch instead, a place where he will toil and labor without end, and finally shall utterly fail.

Our life, mind, body, and existence which are established in Spirit are already perfect, already complete, already present, and our only need is spiritual awakening to this sublime fact and actuality, so that we identify with the Spirit and the Divine alone. When we do this, automatically we shall come into possession of fulfillment, the fullness of every good and perfect thing. Corruption, limitation, disease, and death appear only because people and nations have not received the Divine Revelation that Spirit is the only substance, the only Consciousness, Life, Body, and Existence there is or ever can be.

Only Divine Revelation or illumination is able to show one the Celestial Heights, the Kingdom of Spirit, where none gains peace, health, harmony, or happiness through any kind of physical or metaphysical effort or practice whatsoever, but all concern themselves with the fact of the Divine and Spiritual existence to be the one and only, present and at hand in the Here and Now. The price of admittance to this Kingdom of present joys and fulfillment is paid as one departs from creeds and ritualism, incorrect teaching and personal teachers, in fact, it is paid in full when he leaves all outward forms of worship and servitude to accept the Light and Truth to be present within himself, yes, even to be himself. Here in his own Being as Spirit, Life, God, he finds that fullness and fulfillment for which he has searched everywhere. Leaving all other gods that we may identify with and take possession of the one Infinite Substance, which is Spirit, to be our only Self, life, consciousness, body, and experience, we have truly entered into the Kingdom of Spirit which has been prepared for us since the "beginning."

Metaphysics as a mental practice of treating disease is but a palliative, never can it deliver Divine health, Divine wholeness, Divine happiness and peace. Regardless how long one remains in the false belief that Metaphysics is the True Way, he will hunger and thirst for direct light and revelation, which is given only to those who look above systems, churches, people, and methods to the Almighty God closer and nearer than all else. Since our substance is Spirit, not matter, then it is impossible for anyone to know himself, and be set free from imperfections and limitations until this supreme and paramount fact is revealed to him. Nor can such Divine Revelation take place until one is willing to leave the imperfect for the Perfect, the intellect for the heart, the ways and means of the personal for identification with that "I" which is the all-inclusive and perfect Self.

Never can Truth be known except through divine Revelation. Revelation is indeed the Truth which sets us free, even as is promised, "And ye shall know the Truth, and the Truth (spiritual awakening, or Divine Revelation) shall make you free." Only Revelation is the fulfillment of all our desires and questionings. Revelation or divine illumination comes to those who are spiritually prepared for it, whose thoughts are not intellectual, but spiritual, whose heart is ever open to fuller knowledge of the Real, the Perfect, and the Everlasting. Revelation or illumination is Spiritual knowing, immediate understanding, and freedom.

Today it is imperative that we turn away from all palliative remedies called physical or metaphysical to perceive that which is supreme, not because it is higher, or even the highest, not because it is above and beyond all else, but because it is the all and the only of Life and existence, and ever has been. When sufficient Truth is revealed to you, you will cease attempting to purify your mind, thought, body, or world, and once and for all you will put an end to what has been called "doing one’s mental work." No amount of meditation or mental work will ever deliver to you your perfect Mind, body, and existence. Permanent deliverance from impurities, imperfections, and limitations shall follow as one lets go all claim to any kind of a mind, life, body, or existence of his own, and accepts the one infinite Substance, which is Divine Life, consciousness, body, and existence, to include all there is of him, and he to be This, and none else.

Personal demonstration, personal healing and regeneration shall cease to be practiced when, like Jesus, we accept the Father within, or the Divine Revelation of spirit, to be our All-sufficiency, the one and only Way to our perfect Self, body, and existence. The Spiritual awakening already in our midst shall supersede or transcend all mental practices and systems, everything that has to do with mental labor, mental warfare, mental demonstration, in their attempts to heal human minds and bodies, and to spiritualize a so-called human existence.

Labor, strife, effort, work, are all included in the "six days," or six thousand years wherein "thou shall labor, and do thy work:" but inevitably the seventh day appears, "wherein thou shall not do any work." This seventh day is when we cease thinking from the basis that we are mankind or personal individuals supposed to overcome evil and demonstrate our good here in a human existence, and let ourselves be illumined from within, and from the within receive the Truth and Light that there is but one "I," one Substance-Life-Intelligence-Existence, which is at hand, perfect and complete, without need of demonstration or attainment, and which is our true and only Being and existence. Acting from this basis, we shall end the six days, or period of work, work, work, and find the everlasting Peace and Joy to be at hand, and in the Here and Now.

"He that believeth in Me, though he were dead, yet shall he live." Who is "Me?" Not an outside God, nor an outside Divine Mind, nor Jesus as some supernatural being. Although it was Jesus who spoke these words, he did not refer to himself as a man, a teacher, or healer, but he spoke as Divine Being, Divine Life, Divine Selfhood. Therefore, whosoever believeth in this "Me" to be his own Selfhood, life, body, and existence, though he were enshrouded in darkness and sin, yet shall he leave these as a dream, and waken in the Kingdom of Spirit, where "I" am God, and besides Me there is none else.

"‘I’ am the real and living Way; no one comes to the Father except by means of ‘Me.’ If you knew ‘Me’ ye would know my Father too. You know Him now and have seen Him… He who has seen ‘Me’ has seen the Father… It is the Father who remains ever in Me, who is performing His own deeds… He who believes in Me will do the very deeds I do." (Moffatt Trans. John 14:6-10)

  "The Understanding Series Volume 2"
by Lillian DeWaters

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