Excerpts from

The Perfect Vision
by Lillian DeWaters

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Book Description
1920. De Waters, a follower of Mary Baker Eddy, authors another volume on how to cultivate feelings of joy, delight and an appreciation for the power and ability to have and to understand the glories of Life.

The Perfect Vision

How many of us take life too seriously? How many of us are too indifferent? too lazy? too careless? too busy? too troubled to appreciate life?

How many of us have inspiration so acutely that we are constantly recognizing grandeur, wonderment, glory, beauty, har­mony, as being manifested everywhere, from the tiny seedling to the giant oak; from the grain of sand to the majestic sun; from the little rivulet to the mighty ocean; from the infinitesimal to infinity? Many of us need to bestir our mentalities into an attitude or a state of recognition of love, enthusiasm, praise, joy. Begin today to wonder, to ponder, to exclaim, to enthuse, to glorify Mind and its wonderful power of thought.

Cultivate a feeling of joy, delight, ap­preciation for the power and ability to have, to know, to understand the wonders and glories of Life. Have you affection and tenderness toward everything and everybody, or is there a cold indifference, a reserve, a depressed attitude, a mind so small or asleep that it sees nothing over which to enthuse, nothing to praise, knows no true thought to think, but exists upon its own fears, doubts, and worries?

Don't be afraid to count your blessings, to rejoice or to make merry. Don't be afraid to laugh and be happy. Life is enjoyment. Fill every thought with joy and realize that you are an inseparable part of this wonderful Nature and Being. Praise Life and its manifestations. Praise Mind and its creative force. Praise the sun that shines its light and warmth upon you; praise the breeze that wafts its won­derful touch of invisible being upon you; praise the hills and valleys, the grass and the forests.

Is there room for you to sweeten the disposition? Take out all sense of anger or hatred. This is a poison that will harm your body and deprive it of its normal manifestations and functions of health and activity. If you love the whole world except one individual toward whom you have hate or ill will, you have broken the Law and will reap the punishment that hate brings. One drop of ink will color a glass of water, so one drop of hate or anger or resentment in your mentality will con­taminate the whole sense of your mentality. Be careful, then, not to hate at all.

It is ignorance, wrong education that is at the bottom of all of our troubles. Do you really want understanding? Do you really want to know how to think better thoughts, and what right thoughts to think? How to do better, act better, and feel better? If not, then there is no need for you to read further in this book, for my whole object is to bring you into mental touch with right and true thinking, understanding.

Instead of reasoning from the basis that you are a mental being, you probably have been taught that you are a weak human being; that you can be sick, miserable, sinful, and ultimately die; that you are a mixture of good and evil, of spirit and matter; that you neither know why you came nor whither you go. Many of us have been trained to think of the body first; trained to believe that it is the body that is sick, and that it is the body that must be made well. What nonsense is this? As well try to correct the image in the mirror paying no attention to the original outside that is casting that image, as to try and correct the body paying no atten­tion to the thought convictions in the individual mentality that are causing that condition called sickness.

You say, but I have stomach trouble, consumption, rheumatism, how can I get rid of it? First of all be rational. Listen to reason. Stop and think who you are. Are you not a conscious, intelligent being? Is not your very life God, Itself? Can God, perfect Life be sick, have stomach trouble, consumption? Then, how can you, who are Life individualized, have these conditions? Do not spend your time arguing out that you have them, and how you got them but try and reason out how impossible it would be for that which is Life or God to be sick.

Dear Seeker, the truth is that sickness is not a fact of Life. If you sat in the coach of a train that was standing still and watched from the window a train that was moving past, you would be very apt to believe that it was your train that was moving, for your sense of motion would be very real and true to you, and it might be necessary for you to look from another window upon objects that were standing still to your sense of things to be actually convinced that your train was not in motion at all. So you, in your ignorance of perfect Life and Mind may state that you are sick, but sickness is not the truth of existence anymore than was the belief that you were in motion when actually you were standing still. Sickness has an appearance of reality to the self-deceived mentality, but this appearance is of the same nature, as any lie, and this will become plain to you as you gain some actual understanding of Life and self.

The very power, the ability you have to think, to live, to feel, to do, to speak, to hear, is God, Itself. You are not separate from God. You are not something that God made and then set aside. The life of the tiny seed, the life of the largest animal, the life of the grass at your feet, the life of the bird and flower, and your life is God. There is but one God and hence but one Life which is infinite in individuality from a grain of seed to an individual man or woman. When you claim that you are sick, you are virtually claiming that God, the One-Life is sick, for your life, mind, soul, consciousness, being is God. God and true understanding are the same and hence is the Life of all. There is but one Father, and this Father of us all is Life, Itself.

All the ills of life are the results or the outcome of wrong education, wrong teachings about Life; mental misconceptions. Your understanding of Life being wrong this may be the direct result of your trouble or of your suffering. The one and only way to overcome what is called sickness, disease, poverty, fear, etc., is to acquire an understanding of Being and to rely solely upon this understanding. This under­standing is the only thing that you can take from this plane to what is called the next plane. Nothing goes with you from this world except what you understand of Life; so awake today to the supreme importance that you gain a reasonable and demonstrable understanding of Being. All there is to you is your individual consciousness, your thought convictions (your understanding), and their manifestations. Your individual mentality will manifest in its body whatever this mentality is think­ing and feeling as mental convictions. Thinking is the subjective state of the mentality. Body is the objective state of the mentality. All objectifications of right and true thoughts are real because they are founded upon Fact and Truth. Con­trariwise, all objectifications of erring thoughts are unreal because untrue, having no right foundation. As you remove from your mentality the erring thought that you are believing and substitute in its place the right and true thought about Life and self, this will result in the discord being removed from the mentality, and it will no more be found in the body but the natural condition of harmony will be ex­perienced by you.

Now, you must be willing to accept and strive to understand as true these facts of Life: that there is but the one Life, God, which is infinite, perfect and good; that mental Nature, Life, is one and all; that Mind is God and that right thought is the "Son of God" or Mind and is the all-power or mental force of God; that the good, alone, is all there is to Life. It is this understanding of Life, lived, that is heaven; and it is a lack of this understanding or ignorance of Life and thinking in con­formity with this error that is hell. You must become an understander of Life. You simply cannot win harmony or gain permanent peace upon any other basis. You possess through your very nature the ability to reason and to think, to act and to feel, and to gain an understanding of Life for yourself.

Try to comprehend clearly that there is nothing to be healed in the body, but that it is the mentality or thinking that needs correction. Healing is a mental process, the process of knowing the truth about God, life, self. The mental state must be changed before the bodily state can change. The science of true healing is performed through a purely mental method, the appli­cation of right thought or Truth. Evil, sin, sickness and death are not so many powers but are delusions in the mentality, delusions or wrong beliefs about God, life and nearly everything under the sun. Just become thrilled with the awakening that your own individual mentality is the exact nature and character of the infinite or whole Mind, its inheritance so rich, so unlimited, so full of substance and infinite wisdom that the very recognition of this Truth will set you free to master that delusion that confronts you. The body can make no condition for itself. The mentality alone is responsible for all action, feeling, and form. The mentality alone is what sees, hears, feels, acts, understands, loves. The body is neither cause nor creator nor is Mind dependent upon bodily conditions. All things that you have con­sidered God could do, perfect Mind, right thinking can and will do for you. Any one who thinks figures must have the right sense of them and obey the law governing num­bers in order to get the correct result, so, any one who thinks life must have the right sense of Life and obey the laws of Life in order to experience the result of Life, which is harmony.

Don't look upon the evidence or result of wrong thinking called a sick or diseased body and then try to change or correct that body. You might as well try to dry up the water that is flowing from an open faucet. Close the faucet, and there will be no water to flood the house. It is your wrong thinking, belief, and feeling that is causing the body to show forth this ap­pearance of disorder, and this is in accord with the metaphysical law of Life, for as a man thinketh and believeth in his mind so does he show forth in his body. You draw your thoughts upon a canvas and exhibit that as a picture. It is merely the manifested outline of the thought picture you first had in mind. So, your body is the visible showing forth of your invisible thoughts. The seat of the trouble therefore, my friend, is not in the body which is the effect, but is in your mind which is the cause. When the mentality through under­standing thinks right and true thoughts and ceases to think ignorant and wrong thoughts, then will the discord that appears in your body and in your environment disappear.

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