Excerpts from

  The Finished Kingdom:
A Study of the Absolute

by Lillian DeWaters

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Chapter 1 - Preach the Gospel...........
Chapter 2 - Heal the Sick...............
Chapter 3 - Cast Out Demons.............
Chapter 4 - Raise the Dead..............
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The Finished Kingdom opens up the realm of the super-Kingdom. In this book is presented the Science of Reality, the Science of the Absolute. It lifts one into the realm of intuition, inspiration, illumination, faith—the realm of the Fourth Dimension or Cosmic Consciousness. This book presents a quality of consciousness that transcends thought, a something that precedes thought and directs thought.

Many are practicing a method of healing that is psychological, believing that it is a spiritual method of healing and that it is the highest way. "There is nothing good or bad, but thinking makes it so," is the edict of the mental plane; but the finished Kingdom, the plane of the Absolute and the plane of the Fourth Dimension of Life, transcends even this law and shows forth a new law of a still higher order:  "Behold, I make all things new."

It is well to know that there is a plane of Life higher than the mental plane; that the Science of the Absolute discloses the Christ of God and makes plain a realm wherein healing and deliverance are instantaneous and at hand.

The true teacher is ever himself ascending into higher revealments and is found opening up the way for others. The real Self neither binds others, nor will it allow itself to be in bondage to thoughts, reasons, edicts or credentials. Its view is upward by High Watch to High God! Its foundation is the Impersonal Truth!

Truth is exhaustless, and as the demand for more Truth is felt in the hearts of men thus will Truth more clearly make Itself known on earth as it is in heaven.

High Truth carries a beauty and message wholly Its own, and is altogether impersonal. The quotations from other authors that I have made in this book are not made to make clearer the meaning of these authors, nor to substantiate anything that I, myself, set forth. I have merely quoted sentences that give forth the same message that I am giving—roses from the same garden.

Truth forever stands alone—peerless. Truth that is proclaimed by anyone was before he proclaimed it, and will be throughout all eternity. Thus is Truth impersonal, triumphant and eternal.

Truth spiritually presented heals the sick and the sinner today as it did centuries ago, and those who have eyes to see and ears to hear will find in these pages health and salvation, living water and heavenly bread.

Truth as set forth in this book is not new, rather is it old—old as the Ancient of Days.

Chapter 1


THE QUESTION that has always been deepest in the heart is, "What is Truth?" We know that as we unfold in understanding, the Truth that we see and feel today may become even plainer, nearer and dearer to us tomorrow, next month or next year.

The path of disclosure is infinite. It has no end. Why? Because God is the light thereof.

Truth is not something that is made or set aside or created by thought or created by feeling. Truth is above all thought and all feeling. Truth is that which is. That which is undefilable, that which is indestructible, that which is unspoilable is Truth! That which is immaculate, glorious and triumphant is Truth!

While there are those who are looking to books for Truth, looking to the minds of individuals for Truth, looking to the voices of the living-dead for Truth, still and above all is the silent cry of the living Christ, "I am the Truth."

We gain much from certain books, much from certain teachers, but the greatest gain of all comes to us as we find Truth within ourselves, and say, understandingly, with the peerless Teacher, "I am the Truth." The world is flooded with metaphysical books. Some teach, Truth in this way; others, Truth in this way, and hundreds are the ways of presenting what seems to the mind of the writers to be Truth. Many write to their teachers asking, What do you think of this book? Is that a good book for me to read? There is a key that unlocks this mystery concerning books. With this key in our possession we can read any book on earth and decide for ourselves whether or not it is the teaching that we desire to practice, or the book that we ought to study.

As there is what is called a physical plane, also a mental plane of life, so is there a super-mental plane of life. Broadly speaking, we find that there are three planes or realms of consciousness.
The lowest plane of life is called the material. Yet, in reality, there is nothing material in the universe. The dictionary tells us that the word "matter" means, "something separate or apart from mind." Now there is really no inanimate thing in the universe that did not spring from mind or thought, hence, all things, whether good or bad, are really not material things, but are mental things. However, the plane is called material and it is the plane of things.

On this plane, things hurt; the weather causes sickness; certain drugs are health-giving; certain drugs are poisonous; there are good things, and there are bad things; and the thing has the power—that is, the power seems to be in the THING itself. As it is an objective plane, there is found an objective God to govern and control.

Certain laws are found to govern this plane. For instance, if one swallows a poison, they may die; if one is exposed to rain or wind they may become sick; if one comes in contact with what is called contagious disease, they may "take" it. The thing that is called disease is cured by another thing that is called medicine. This plane is called material because those on this plane have not yet wakened to the power of thought; they believe that a thing is separate from the thought, thus the healing on this plane is called material or physical healing.

The second plane is called the mental plane, for this is the plane of thought. Things are not called material on this plane; all things are found to be mental, proceeding from the mind or thought. Thus, THOUGHT is the power that rules this plane. Here it is not the disease that hurts and kills; it is the belief or thought about the disease that harms. It is not the weather that brings a cold; it is the belief in it which is injurious, that causes the trouble. It is not the thing, but the fear of the thing that is evil. We find here, good thoughts and bad or erring thoughts; and the good thoughts arc used to overcome the erring thoughts or beliefs. The ruling power of God of this plane is Right Thought.

We find certain cosmic laws governing this plane, the most important being, "As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he." This is the law of the mental plane only. This means: think good and you will reap good; think evil and you will reap evil. On this plane of action, "things" have advanced to "thoughts," and the individual mentality is the seat of individual power. This is the realm of reason, the realm of mental law; the healing is called mental or right thought healing.

Now, there is a Science that transcends both the so-called material and mental sciences. A Science that is above both. This science is the Divine Science; the Spiritual Science; the Science of Reality; the Science of Perfection; the Science of ISness. It is the plane of the heavenly law; the plane of ministering angels; the plane of the Holy Ghost; the plane of the Perfect Land; the plane of the new Jerusalem. It is the plane of the Fourth Dimension; the plane of Truth; the plane of the Risen Christ; it is the plane of The Finished Kingdom.

The only God recognized on this plane is the I AM. The healing produced by means of this science is called spiritual healing or divine healing. The law governing this plane is the law of harmony without interruption, limitation, time or place.

As there are certain laws governing each science and each plane of procedure, so is there a distinct language used on each plane. The plane of the so-called material has a name for every ill feeling of every nature and every kind; a name for each separate sin, and a name for millions of drugs and healing means and lotions. The name for the God of this plane is "The Lord."

On the mental plane are also certain words, and a different language used. We hear such words as belief; error; good; harmonious; supposition; mental conviction, etc. The God of this plane is "mind."

On the plane of the highest we speak in "new tongues"—a myster- ious language to all except those speaking from this height. We hear the words faith, inspiration, intuition, vision, heavenly law. As this is the supernal plane, we find no name for what is called evil. Tears have been washed away; broken hearts have been bound up; sins have been forgiven. The name of the God on this plane is "The Self-existent" - "The Sustaining Infinite" - "The I AM."

Pick up any book on the subject of Life from any plane and test it by this key: Is the author writing from the plane of things, the so-called material plane? Is the author writing from the plane of thought, the mental plane, the science of right thinking? Is the author writing from the High Plane, the Science of unchanging Reality?

After determining for yourself the plane upon which the book at hand is written, you are then in a position to decide and to know for yourself whether that book is the book that you ought to study. You need not ask any authority. You, yourself, know whether you prefer the so-called physical, the mental or the supernal Science. If you will use this key you will always be able to be your own judge; you will need the advice of no one. From what plane of Life is this book written? This is the question that is the key to the mystery of books.

Spiritual perception must ever accompany the letter, else the letter killeth. Spiritual perception is the love, the feeling, the vision, the Christ consciousness that is expressed by the author in their book, and is felt by the reader as he or she is reading it.

It may not yet have been discovered by many who read these lines that as we proceed toward higher planes we discern a difference between mental healing and the healing that comes from recognition of the finished Kingdom. Mental healing is the application of the power of the individual mentality, through right thought convictions. Recognition of the finished Kingdom takes us into the realm of Inspiration, Illumination, and wakes the cons- ciousness to see that there is nothing to heal.

Much of the metaphysical teaching of today strives to make plain a way in which health, wealth and happiness are to be worked into manifestation. Mental science teaches the power of the individual mind or thought, and the way in which right thought may be directed to heal wrong thought. The right use of the power of the mind is a wonderful step to take, but there is still a higher way for those who are willing to accept it.

There is certainly no condemnation of the lesser methods, but it should be known that the ability to produce health and wealth and fame and name after this manner will not completely satisfy, nor is it the Ultimate Way. Spiritual freedom, heavenly harmony is won only by recognition of the highest.

The method of thinking that you are getting better day by day is indeed helpful to those who are reaching up to the mental plane. Let us see to it that we are progressing, advancing, always on and up. This book takes you beyond metaphysics or the study of the mentality and its use and power, and reveals to you the Spiritual Realm, the realm of Intuition, Love, Faith, Inspiration, Illumination, Vision, and points out that state of consciousness wherein healing is spontaneous, and wherein the "all things shall be added."

This plane has been called the Spiritual or Mystical plane, because it is above reason. Reason can only comprehend the things and thoughts that it can see and handle. While right Reason is the door to the mental plane, it is not the door to the finished Kingdom. Faith is the door, and faith is ever a mystery to

The Master said to his students, "Unto you it is given to know the mystery of the Kingdom," and Paul said, "We speak the wisdom of God in a mystery." A miracle is a marvel. It shows forth the way of the finished Kingdom. As one ascends in vision, he or she beholds the light, and the mystery disappears.

The greatest Leader lived and taught from the high Spiritual realm. He did not need to heal disease either by certain things or by certain thoughts. He brought  light to the consciousness of the sick, and as light removes darkness by its own presence, so the sick were healed.

Believe that ye have, and ye shall MANIFEST. "Look unto Me and be ye healed all the ends of the earth," resounds the voice of the Great I AM.

Listen to the covenant from this Source: "I am the Almighty God. . . . I am That I am . . . Do not I fill heaven and earth? Before Me there was no God formed, neither shall there be after Me. Behold, I am the Lord, the God of all flesh . . . the same yesterday, today and forever . . . I am the first and I am the last; and besides me there is no God . . . Yea, before the day was, I am He . . . Is there a God beside Me? Ask what ye will . . . Before they call I will answer, and while they are yet speaking I will hear . . . No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper . . . Fear not the reproach of men . . . nothing shall hurt you.

"Behold, I give unto you power to tread on serpents . . . I give life to the faint . . . When thou passeth through the waters I will be with thee . . . The waters shall not overflow thee . . . The fire shall not burn thee. I will make darkness light before thee . . . I will make a way in the wilderness . . . I will deliver thee . . . I will guide thee . . . I will instruct and teach thee . . . I will strengthen thee . . . I will not leave thee nor forsake thee . . . I will heal thee . . . I will take sickness away from the midst of thee.

"Eye hath not seen nor ear heard the things that I have prepared for them that love me . . . I give unto him that is athirst of the water of Life freely . . . I will put a new spirit within you, and make you a new heart . . . Call upon me and I will answer, and will show thee great and mighty things that thou knowest not . . . Behold, I make all things new."

Light your mind with high vision; for, "Where there is no (high) vision the people perish."— (Prov.)

I now want to call attention to something that precedes thought, for there is something that gives direction to thought, something that thought follows. It is VISION. Light your mind with vision. Look to yourself now and discover for yourself where your vision is. Is your vision directed toward books, toward right thoughts, toward self? Is your vision toward the Most High?

Where our vision is, there will our thoughts and feelings be also. We behold a certain goal before us, or we set a certain ideal before us, and then our thoughts and feelings circle around this ideal or vision. "That thou seest man, that, too, become thou must." Vision is a looking toward; an inner attention. Thus, we must vision toward the Heights if we would ascend thereto. We must keep our vision toward that which is the Origin of health, that which is the Origin of peace, that which is the Origin of victory. The Master said that we could not by thought change even our stature. No, not by thought alone. It takes more than thought; it takes right vision.

We often have heard it declared, "I have applied right thought as a healing means and yet I am not receiving healing results." Say a thing once with high recognition! This is more effective than hours of toilsome utterances of simple statements or high statements. Let us not sit still and think a thought over a dozen times or a thousand times like automata. Right instruction can come to us. This, then, is Inspiration.

In what direction is our inner eye pointed? Is it to the visible or to the Invisible? Is it to the perishable or to the Imperishable? Is it to things and thoughts, or is it fixed to that which is above both things and thoughts? We are greater than our thoughts. Let us not make thought our master. We lived and moved and breathed before we ever entertained a single thought. The Thinker precedes their thought, and the thinker is greater than their thought.

Truth is. We do not have to make Truth. Truth has already made us. Truth is independent of all that we can think or feel or reason. It is our recognition of Truth that is, that brings us freedom.

There cannot be that which is not. Truth is Reality, and is all there is, the same forever and forever. Truth is perfection, harmony, omnipotence, love. Truth is omnipresent at all times; for, as the sky may be hidden by the clouds, so back of all appearances lies Reality. Nothing can be added to, nor can anything be taken from that which is Truth, nor can it ever be other than Itself. It is Original, First, Self-Existent, Infinite, Unbounded and Unlimited. There is no time, no birth, no death, no space, no place, no limitation to Truth that is.

The greatest Teacher taught and healed up to the time of his resurrection. Preaching and healing go hand in hand. As teachers, we should not teach without practicing our teaching, nor should we heal without enlightening the mind of the patient and pointing the true Way to him. No one can do better than to follow in the footsteps of the Teacher Excelsior.

Why should we stop the healing practice until we have arrived at that point of progress where we can "speak the Word" and the deaf will hear, and the blind will see, and the lame will walk? Let this high goal ever be before us, stirring us into greater endeavor and accomplishments.

One teacher who stands for the Absolute says: "Muscles highly trained have won out against natural muscles, and thoughts highly practiced have wrought mental havoc. What shall we, who wish to be free and not to engage in warfare, do, when our peace and safety are menaced by foes of such giant physical and mental stature? We will seek unto God, the presence in the universe not affected by thoughts.

"It shall not profit a man to gain the whole world by the prowess of his arm or the might of his thought. It shall only profit him to know his own Soul, uncontaminated offspring of Eternal Majesty whose triumphs are already complete, ready to manifest. Let mind no longer claim creative powers or accomplishing energies. The true work is already complete in Spirit,— the Self that we praise. We praise the great, free Spirit that stands back of our mind. We praise the free Spirit that knows beyond the mind, saying ever, "I am God—I am Truth— I am Light."

You will recall that Paul asked the Ephesians, "Have ye received the Holy Ghost since ye believed?" And the reply was, "We have not so much as heard whether there be any Holy Ghost." Those living on the lower planes of life may not yet have heard that there is a supernal Kingdom, a divine Science. Divine science is the science of the Absolute, the science of the finished Kingdom. It pertains to that which is back of thought and beyond thought. It pertains to individual Soul, its illuminations and inspirations and its unity with I AM THAT I AM.

On the first plane of life, one may be in bondage to things; while, on the second plane, one may be in bondage to thoughts. If we are depending entirely upon our right thoughts to deliver us, then if we are so fearful or so ill that we cannot formulate a right thought, are we not hopeless?

The I AM is higher and greater than any thoughts conceivable. To have right thought is right and good; but to worship right thought or to consider it God, is not the way of the finished Kingdom. "Thou shalt have no other gods before me—the I AM." Right thought is but the path in which we walk from earth to heaven; from sense to soul. Loving, truthful, healing thoughts are the wings with which we fly upward and onward.

Our right or wrong viewpoint does not change in any way the viewpoint of the Perfect and the viewpoint of perfect manifestation in the Life element, itself. Our viewpoint merely affects our own individual progress and manifestation. You and I behold a thing or a condition according to our present individual state of perception and understanding. What is meat to one may be poison to another. While the quality in all consciousness remains the same, the quantity varies according to the individual progress or evolution.

Life cannot be life today and death tomorrow; good cannot have been good yesterday and evil today; nor can health be here one moment and gone the next. We must fix our vision on the ISness state of Life—the omnipresence of changeless harmony—our infinite divinity. Since the Divine cannot change Its inherent qualities, neither can these inherent qualities of health, activity, strength, courage, love, be changed in us.

Does the air ask for invisibility? Do the stars desire to shine? No. Neither do we need to long for that quality which we already inherently possess; thus, we are courage, we are strength, we are power, we have abundance. Let man become conscious of what he is! Let him know himself—his inner self, the Christ self, to be all that he could possibly desire! Life gives us earth and heaven, time and eternity in which to understand this Self—this pearl of great price.

The value of right thought is this: Think the thought that harmonizes with the universal fact of life. Then, automatically we receive the blessing.

We must think and act according to our highest vision. We must turn our gaze from sorrow and look toward the finished Kingdom of triumphant Joy; turn our gaze from dying and look toward the finished Kingdom of Life everlasting; turn our gaze from sickness and look toward the Origin of unspoilable health.

Where was the vision of Jesus when he stood at the grave of Lazarus? Did he, like the rest, look down into the pit to behold a dead, decomposed Lazarus? No. While hundreds around him were thus visioning and weeping, he was sighting the begotten of God—the offspring of I am that I am. He beheld life that is everlasting, Omnipresent, Omnipotent, and Unspoilable. It was this vision of Victorious Life that transcended him. Where was the vision of Jesus when he stepped out upon the surface of the deep sea? Was it downward into the limpid depths of the ocean, or was it up, fastened upon the miracle-working Unseen, transcending the drowning powers of the deep?

The eye should be moved from appearances to see the fields already white to harvest, to hear the words of our Redeemer: "Thou Art Whole!"

Vision toward the plane of ever-present Reality! Time is not a factor here. As we experience illumined consciousness, beholding the everpresent finished Kingdom, and ourselves free Spirit, birthless, deathless, diseaseless, painless, triumphant and victorious, we find that we are all that we would become.

In order to do the things of Spirit, there must be Soul-enwisdoming, a spiritual recognition or realization of Truth. It is not enough to become aware of the reality of the individual soul; there must also be a consciousness of identity with the Universal Life, even as the Master Jesus taught and illustrated.

We are Soul drops in the Great Ocean of Life. We are divine sparks of the Infinite Light. Taking this as a starting point in the spiritual recognition of our oneness with the Whole, it blesses and enriches us. Each is an individual center of consciousness in the great Ocean of Consciousness. How could we then expect to control our thoughts if we do not start on this right foundation—that we are greater than our thoughts? Only as we realize the Self that is above thinking, do we become capable of controlling our thinking.

Our progress upon earth does not depend upon the destruction of the body nor the destruction of the mind—but Absolute science teaches us the right use of the mind, and the right use of the body. The "I" does not depend upon its thought creation, but the thought creation depends upon the "I"; even so, mind does not depend upon body, but body depends upon mind.

High consciousness tells us "I AM", and this is the final analysis or conclusion. The I AM is self-existent.

The mind should obey the "I"; thus are we the Master of mind and not its slave or servant. All the sick thoughts or fear thoughts you have ever thought have never hurt or harmed the you that is Spirit. Water cannot drown it, nor flame burn it, nor death kill it, for, it is imperishable, undeniable, indestructible, and immortal. One writer says: "The I is eternal. It passes unharmed through the fire, the air, the water; sword or spear cannot kill or wound it. It cannot die. Blessed is he who can say, undertsandingly—'I'."

Nothing should daunt or falter the seeking heart, pressing forward toward the high goal, knowing it must forever live and will forever reveal its perfect Self—Christ, the Head of the house.

"Thus is Christ the head of you and the head of your house . . . I live, yet not I, but Christ liveth in me. . . where there is neither Greek or Jew, bond or free, but Christ is all in all . . . therefore, if any man be in Christ he is a new creature . . . The head of every man is Christ."— (Paul.)

Render unto each plane the things that belong to that plane, and render unto the Absolute the things that belong to the Absolute! Give to the so-called physical, its hospitals, operating rooms, prisons and grave yards. Give to the mental realm its high thoughts, right declarations and affirmations, but give to the Absolute its plane of unlimited dimensions, miracles, and minis- tering angels!

As a house has many rooms, and one may sit in the kitchen or in the parlor, so this universe has invisible plane upon plane and one has the divine and Cosmic right to live, move and breathe in any plane he or she so decides.

It is necessary that we rise from ideal to ideal, from realm to realm, and from "out of the depths" to high Deliverance. If the books that we read contain uplifting, inspirational, instructive words and ideas, ever pointing us to something higher than we as yet have perceived, we read them carefully, to drain from them that vital life that is in them. We should let Spirit be our Teacher. As the divine Spark that we are, gradually comes forth in its own radiance, we are guided aright to higher and still higher heights.

As the mind can enjoy the right pleasures of life and respond in joy to them, so can Soul thrill with heavenly visions, and feel the joy-giving touch of divine Presence. Thus, the spiritually minded feel a contact, a soul response, from the reading of certain books. Let this inner response, this silent touch be the guide, the answer, as to the nature and quality of the book that we are reading. If, as we read a book, we feel happier and freer, fear thoughts and wrong ideas like dead leaves drop away from us. We rejoice, because we are entering a new order of life.
We must set ourselves a high vision and hold fast thereto. The mind which follows the rambling senses makes one as helpless as the boat the wind leads astray upon the waters. If we learn something today and yet tomorrow it becomes more clearly known to us, leading us to higher ideals, this is no reason for tears, as if we should say: "How do I know that this also may not alter one way or the other?"

"I will not leave you desolate, but in the Christ, which is the love of God made manifest to man, will I be with you all the way," says the everpresent, impersonal Truth.

This universe of God is far more wonderful than has yet reached the heart of men. "Eye hath not seen nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him."—(1 Cor.) For instance, we step out into our garden and pick beautiful roses. We watch the birds fly to and fro over our heads, and hear them singing at our windows. We play with the sand or marvel at the stars—but who of us enjoys the unseen verities? How many of us see the "unseen," hear the "silence," and feel the touch of "light and glory"?

We have been taught that in order to have a thought, we must think it. Not so. It is possible to gather a thought out of the invisible element, the same as we pluck the visible flower. We can see a flower, why not see a thought? We can hear the musical sound of the victrola why not hear the music of the spheres? We can see the light of the sun, why not see the light that transcends the sun?

Oh, it is something to vision toward and delight into live in—a world where beautiful thoughts float about us created by the same Source that created us, and where we gather unto ourselves these thoughts the same as we arrest the flight of birds flying near us. These thoughts are so much more wonderful and so different from any thoughts that are formulated!

Where did the manna come from that the children of Israel found on the ground every morning, and which fed them for forty years? Did it grow out of the earth? Oh, no, it was above and they saw it.
Where did the bread come from and the fish with which Jesus fed 9,000 hungry mouths? Did the bread come from the seeds that were put into the earth, or were the fish gathered from the seas? No, indeed. They were present in the great Universal. Jesus saw them already prepared, and his vision extended so that they saw the same, and ate the bread and the fish.

Are we not walking through a finished Kingdom? Is not heaven at hand? Is not the Kingdom without us as within us?

Who was it speaking the words, "This is my beloved Son in which I am well pleased"? Was it the voice of any of the people surrounding Jesus at the Jordan? No, they did not speak it, but they heard it. Did Jesus himself say the words with his own lips, so that the multitude heard and saw? No, Jesus, himself, was listening, not speaking. Did you ever stop to think, or has it ever unfolded to you that the Universal has voice — that voice, sound and words can proceed from the depths of the Infinite?

Who was the "fourth" man that was seen walking with the three Hebrew captives in the burning furnace? Did Nebuchadnezzar imagine he saw a fourth; was the fourth a product of his own imagination? Was not the fourth "like unto the Son of God"? Indeed, the infinite Intelligence in which we live, can manifest Itself as form, as well as thought or voice, for those who believe.

To whom or to what was Jesus addressing himself, when he spoke, "Father, I thank thee that thou hast heard me"? Was he talking to himself? No. He was recognizing and praising the One Infinite, the All-Hearing, the All-Knowing, the All-Seeing, the All-Mighty Omnipresence.

From whence came the angels that shut the lions mouths for Daniel? That fed Elijah in the wilderness? That stood at the empty sepulchre of Jesus? That revealed the mystery of the Kingdom unto John?
The Great I Am—the All-Filling Presence, the All-Knowing Reality, can this not make Itself felt? seen? heard? understood?

"I am in the Father and the Father is in me." If the Substance that is in you or the Substance that you are, is Intelligence—can hear, see, speak and feel—does not that which is the Origin of your Substance also have voice, intelligence, understanding?

Blessed are the poor in Spirit, the believing, for they shall see God.

Blessed are they who believe in angels, for they alone can behold them.

Blessed are they who listen for the voice of the silence, for they alone can hear it.

Blessed are they who look toward unseen thoughts, for they alone can gather them.

Blessed are they who believe in miracles, for they alone can experience them.

Blessed are they who have faith in the fourth dimension, for they alone can enter it.

Blessed are they who vision toward the finished Kingdom, for they alone can walk in it.

Blessed are they whom the Lord, when he cometh, shall find watching, for they alone are ready.

In darkness we behold the dark; in the tunnel we see not the light. I am the Door! exclaimed the great Prototype of the finished Kingdom. The recognition of the risen Christ is our light out of the darkest tunnel and the blackest night.

Instead of contemplating right reason as the Christ, we now contemplate our real Self as the Christ. Right reason is now but an avenue or means of recognition.

Instead of contemplating our right thought as infinite power, we now contemplate the I AM as the one and only Omnipresence within us and above us. Right thought is now but a means, a gift of God, the path from sense to soul.

Instead of contemplating one's individuality as the ultimate recognition, we now contemplate our unity with the Whole, our oneness with the Infinite.

Instead of consciously directing right thought to heal, we have now risen in consciousness so that we can become conscious that Life and Intelligence are purely spiritual. When we would manifest divine order we now look steadfastly to God, allowing nothing but Oneness to abide in our thought.

The order, law and healing on the plane of the great Adequate is not a mystery to Itself, nor to those whose faces are heavenward; it is only a mystery to those of limited vision and unquickened sense.

It is our birthright to dwell in the light ourselves and to point others hitherward. We each have a right to our own light of understanding, and we should look away from all sense of personality to the one High Cause. When we are thinking in accordance with Truth, this is true thought. When we are in the light, we do not see darkness, and when our sense is illumined by spiritual Truth and vision, we do not see a sick person or a sinner. Like Jesus, we call to the blind man—See! knowing that he can see.

The drop of water does not lose itself in the big ocean; it simply loses its sense of itself as an independent or separate drop, nevertheless it moves on in the allness of the ocean, and is part thereof. Thus with us. Knowing that we live, move and have our being in the infinite I AM—the omnipresent Omnipotence—we lose sight of any separateness, understanding the Master's words, "Thou in me and I in Thee".

The word miracle rightly belongs to the high plane of the Absolute. This plane is called the plane of the miraculous, superlogical or mystical. The Standard Dictionary says that a miracle is a wonder possible only by the exertion of divine power, and that the supernal or mystical plane is recognized "by direct divine illumination . . . immediate consciousness or knowledge of God".

If a person were ill, and under metaphysical treatment recovered gradually, so that within a few weeks' time he or she was again perfectly well, this would not be a miracle, as would a healing that was instantaneous.

In the popular book, Tertium Organum, we read the following: "But what after all, is mysticism? . . . Mystical states of consciousness are closely bound up with knowledge received under conditions of expanded receptivity. Until quite recently psychology did not recognize the reality of the mystical experience and regarded all mystical states as pathological ones . . . Mystical states give knowledge which nothing else can give . . . Mystical states give knowledge of the real world with all its signs and characteristics . . . The results of the mystical experiences are entirely illogical from our ordinary point of view."

All instantaneous healings and deliverances spring from a divine state of consciousness or a spiritualized consciousness. This is the plane or realm of heavenly visions, ministering angels and mighty things—the plane above; the plane wherein Truth is; wherein harmony is, wherein is the finished Kingdom.

It was from this plane that Jesus Christ commanded: See! Hear! Stand Up! Walk! Come Forth! Arise! It was from this high plane that he cried to the Great Invisible yet Everpresent: "Glorify me! Deliver me! Thy Kingdom come!"

While it may not be so easy at first for one to follow the law of divine Science still we should strive to understand it and to demonstrate it. The way of divine Science transcends the mind and its thoughts. Consider these words pertaining to DIVINE Science:

"In divine Science, the universe, including man, is spiritual, harmonious, and eternal . . . Divine Science derives its sanction from the Bible, and the divine origin of Science is demonstrated through the holy influence of Truth in healing sickness and sin. . . . That those wonders are not more commonly repeated today, arises not so much from lack of desire as from lack of spiritual growth.

"Divine Science alone can compass the heights and depths of being and reveal the Infinite.

"Christ, God's idea, will eventually rule all nations and peoples—imperatively, absolutely, finally—with divine Science."*

*Mary Baker Eddy.

There is a state of consciousness that is above the good and the bad, above the right sense and the wrong sense, above sickness and health, above the high and the low: this state of consciousness is the risen Christ! It is this state of consciousness that sees all as ONE, and sees one as ALL, beholding perfection and the finished Kingdom now and here!

What we need is this high Truth. Does it make any difference whether we find it in a book or in a newspaper? Does it make any difference whether it is presented to us by a red man or a white man? Does it matter whether Truth is written by one living in the old world or by one living in the new world? Is there any thine or any mine to Truth, the Impersonal?

In the early days great teachers thought it wise to protect their students from spurious reading, feeling no doubt that the student themselves had not awakened to that perception where they could detect that which is from that which is not. This guidance and protection was wise and good, and no doubt, saved multitudes from byways, keeping their feet in the straight and narrow path. Today there are those of us who have reached the point where we know how to recognize Truth ourselves, and we let every good word aid us heavenward.

A new day, a new order of Life has come. Cosmic Life is moving ever onward. Pick up the feet and stand upon them even more strongly, and continue  to Watch! To all of us who are earnest, honest and loving in heart, no lesson ever comes in vain, no lesson ever leaves us where it found us. From out the darkness comes a greater light than ever before. Let the dead past bury the dead, but, Look Thou, O Soul, to the Risen Christ!

Humility and meekness precede Kingship and authority. Yet, whether humble or kingly, it is well to remember that everyone is of royal birthright, and heir to the Kingdom.

There is a gate that opens up to celestial glories. It is seen from the mountain heights and it is reached after many experiences in climbing and falling and in climbing again. Love is the guide and faith is the star pointing hither-ward. Thought becomes higher and finer only as it is spiritualized.

"Like a crystal, reflect all light that comes to thee, and then shall the light of thine own soul become more and more brilliant . . . Now, the world has waited long for a great Cosmic religion that should absorb all the truth of the ages. It has also waited for a religion that would appease the heart hunger of all ages and also one that would contain within itself a fountain of perpetual inspiration.

"To possess this religion in its fulness one must be able to find the oneness of self with the Infinite. Love alone hath within itself the power to redeem, lift up and enlighten the world. Be as firm and as unyielding in what thou knowest to be right as Truth itself; keep thy whole life near to the ideal thou hast set up before thee; let love lead thee ever with her gentle yet firm hand along the pathway that makes for true righteousness; then thou hast found the perfect Way that leads to complete Mastery of all things".*

*G.A. Fuller

To those who may long to reach the way of Spirit, yet do not clearly discern it, the Teacher repeats: You can clearly understand that the Thinker must be greater than his thought, that the Manifester must be higher than his manifestation; thus you are above thoughts of any kind, above trouble, above disease, above death, above the pairs of opposites. The "I" or "Me" of the self is the real self, the Christ self—pure, imperishable Spirit.

As you speak from this Christ self, you surely say, I am Spirit, undefilable, undefeatable, imperishable, impervious, immortal. I cannot be touched by trouble of any kind, for I am from above. I cannot be sick, for I am incorruptible. I cannot die, for I am imperishable. I am immaculate, triumphant, original Self!

The realization of one's self as perfect, divine and immutable Spirit, gives one the power and peace that he or she needs. To think, feel and act from the standpoint of Spirit—the finished Kingdom—automatically expands the viewpoint or vision, making room for the ultimate revealment, that the Christ and the spiritual body, Soul and its manifestation, are one.

"When the disciple is ready the Master is also ready." The Truth that we seek is forever within our reach, but each must do their own seeking, the same as each does their own eating and drinking. We can help another to a great extent in making plain the steps which we ourselves have learned through experience, but each one must find the Way for themselves, and the more illumination and inspiration he or she possesses, the easier the Way becomes.

The baby cannot say, I am a man, nor can the acorn say, I am an oak; yet, potentially, the baby is a man and acorn is an oak. As we gain understanding and demonstrate that understanding by healing the sick, walking on the water, raising the dead, transfiguring ourselves with living glory so that our face "shines as the sun", then we say as did our great Teacher, "He that hath seen me hath seen the Father."

The ideal Teacher is one who guides us always up and on, points us to the Heights and leads us quietly toward them; who tells us of the Christ within. Our minds should reach up to this great Truth as the river seeks the ocean.

Thus it is that on the high plane one does not attempt to make themselves well by their formulated thinking, but always and forever he or she bears uppermost in mind that they are forever well; for that which is and that which shall be, is now. We are well now because Truth is, and we are, and we are all that Truth is. If you will light your mind with this high vision, it will lead you to sublime heights.

There is nothing lost, there is nothing sick, there is nothing dead, in the finished Kingdom of Reality. Even a tiny glimpse of this Kingdom is quickening and renewing, uplifting and inspiring.

Truth is first. It has no cause. The finished Kingdom sets aside the mental law of mental cause and effect. There is nothing to oppose Truth. There is nothing besides Truth. Truth is universal freedom. All things are possible unto us, for we are in and of this Truth; herein the beginning is as the end and the end is as the beginning; herein is permanent IS-ness; herein is changeless Reality; herein is infinite Life and Its infinite, finished Wholeness.

Said the Christ: "What I say unto you, I say unto all, Watch!"

  " "The Finished Kingdom: A Study of the Absolute"

by Lillian DeWaters

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